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our main sponsors
OST Manufaktur - doors, windows, wooden products: www.ost.lu
Rivella - Beverage: www.rivella.lu
Cycles Arnold Kontz: www.arnoldkontz-cycles.com/
Arnold Kontz Group: www.arnoldkontz-group.com
Comat - Construction equipement: www.comat.lu

our partners
Commune de Contern: www.contern.lu
Ville d'Esch: www.esch.lu
Commune de Sanem: www.sanem.lu
Ville d'Echternach: www.echternach.lu
Commune de Bech: www.bech.lu
Fonds Belval: www.fonds-belval.lu
Agora - Developping urban space: www.agora.lu

cycling news
in English: www.cyclingnews.com
in German: www.radsport-news.com
in French: www.velo101.com
Luxemburg Cycling news: www.facebook.com/luxcycling
Luxemburg Cycling news: https://twitter.com/DucalSports
cyclo-cross (Dutch): www.veldritkrant.be
cyclo-cross (English): www.cxmagazine.com
cyclo-cross (French): www.cxstats.com
cyclo-cross (German): veldrijden.de.tl

federations, clubs, teams
Union Cycliste Internationale: www.uci.ch
Luxemburg Cycling Federation: www.fscl.lu
Team Leopard: cycling.leopardnatural.com/
LG Alzingen: www.lgalzeng.lu
LG Belvaux: www.leguidonbelvaux.lu
LG Bertrange: www.lgbertrange.lu
LV Bettembourg: www.lvb.lu
CCI Differdange: www.teamdifferdange.com
VS Dommeldange: velo-sport-dommeldange.over-blog.de
UC Dippach: www.ucdippach.lu
VU Esch: www.velo-union-esch.lu
UCN Ettelbruck: www.ucne.lu
LC Kayl: www.lckayl.lu
ACT Kopstal: www.actkopstal.lu
Endurance Leudelange: www.endurance.lu
UC Pétange: www.ucp.lu
Tooltime Préizerdaul: www.tooltime.lu
UC Rodange: www.ucr.lu
Hirondelle Schuttrange: www.hirondelle.lu
VC Schengen: www.vcschengen.lu
LP Schifflange: www.lp07.lu
LC Tétange: www.lctetange.lu
SAF Zéisseng: www.saf.lu
EV Wentger: www.evw.lu
Velo Woolz: www.velowoolz.lu

Jempy Drucker: www.jempydrucker.lu
Frank and Andy Schleck Fanclub: www.schleck.lu
Ben Gastauer: www.bengastauer.com
Bob Jungels: www.bobjungels.com/
Christine Majerus: www.christinemajerus.com
Per Pedersen: www.perpcykler.dk

La Charly Gaul cyclosport race:
Tour de France: www.letour.com
Tour de Luxembourg: www.tdl.lu
Flèche du Sud: www.fleche-du-sud.lu
Women's cycling festival: www.elsy-jacobs.lu
Superprestige cyclo-cross: neo.superprestigecyclocross.com
Bpost cyclo-cross: sport.be.msn.com/gvatrofee

more links
Cycling tours in Luxembourg:
Volley Ball Club Gym Bouneweg: www.gym-volley.net
Just for Fun - photos and videos: www.just4fun.lu

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